Out for Justice

We will pass this way but once, therefore, whatever good we may do, let us do it now

We can only control how we react to what is in front of us

Leadership #1: An Art Which Can Be Learned

Leadership #2a – My first teachers: 1 Coach, 3 Fire Department Captains

Leadership 2b: My Teachers: 1 Drill Sergeant, Several Lawyers, 1 Caribbean Hotelier, and a Sailboat

Leadership 2c: My teachers: A High School Principal, a Student full of surprises, Volunteer Lawyers, and 126 Interns

Leadership 3: How do nice people, who happen to be outstanding workers, become bad bosses?

Leadership 4: Why are there so many incompetent people around the office, and how can you avoid becoming one of them?

Leadership 5: Leadership is a sacred trust and it is a big responsibility. Those you lead are entrusting you with years of their life.

Leadership 6: Rule #1: It’s not about you. Always put the team’s interests ahead of your own personal interests.

Leadership 7: Put the team first, Rule #2: It’s ONLY about you

Leadership 8: The most important skill for a leader is listening.

Leadership 9: Making Active, Intentional Listening Part of Your Daily Routine.

Leadership 10: Making your team members feel safe and calm. It starts on Day 1

Leadership 11: Making your team feel safe so they can work calmly.

Leadership 12: “We have a situation!”

Leadership 13: Building trust and a sense of community within your team

Leadership 14: A leader must create a place where people feel respected as people.

Leadership 15: You must respect your team member’s skills.

Leadership 16: A leader must create a space where team members have the time to accomplish their tasks.

Leadership – Don’t insist on helping people who don’t want your help

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