Thriving in the time of Covid-19

What are we to do about Covid-19 virus?

Sit around and feel sorry for ourselves, or step up as warriors and fight to keep ourselves, loved ones and community safe? We have always taken on hard, unfamiliar tasks when duty called. It’s calling.

My friend Maria always wrestled with anxiety and suggests that those who have dealt with it have been trained for this moment: forever vigilant, knowing something bad will happen, always planning, preparing to care for themselves, come what may.  She was bringing hand sanitizer to restaurant tables years before it was cool.

Those suffering most may have always felt safe and comfortable, insulated from anything that could affect them personally. Many now feel like targets in the crosshairs, powerless, panicky, building toilet paper walls.  I worry news overconsumption is accelerating their anxiety. 

It’s time to change perspective – stop seeing ourselves as victims and step up, become proactive defenders of our homes.  To see this as a competition where we will go mano-a-mano with this threat, grabbing as much control as possible

I issue this warning to coronavirus, “You think you can make me sick you little Son of a Pup?  I am going to lather you up and Happy Birthday your tiny ass down the drain! The Fire Department and the Army taught me to clean with an insane precision that will polish you into the granite counter top!”

I will isolate myself with Rebecka, remote control, and trusty sidekick, Miller Lite.

Decades spent on a couch while others tried unsuccessfully to lure me out the door and into social interactions are paying off.  Social distancing? I am locked and loaded, a discipline of Newton’s Laws of Motion – this object has come to rest, and fully intends to remain at rest.

So, will you join Maria and me, bump elbows and pledge to wash your hands and clean surfaces as if Rosie the Riveter was looking over your shoulder and judging you harshly?  Will you stay home, turn down the news and make space for some quiet reflection? Refrain from panic buying of critical items (Hands off the Miller Lite).   Together (but 6 feet apart) we will have the best chance to come out of this victorious because we all did our bit.

Take heart you are stronger and braver than you ever imagined!


Published by Robert Lang

Social Justice lawyer and mentor, nurturing calmness, kindness, and adventure. Just trying to leave something good behind.

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