Rest in Peace, John Prine

You were one hell of a sidekick, John.

Your music kept me company on long dark nights in the Fire Department when I couldn’t sleep, grieving for a child that had just died in my arms.

You drove with me through rolling hills of Iowa when I would pop your cassette into the tape player on my VW bug as we went circuit riding through tiny Iowa towns as a lawyer for poor people.

You sang to me on my Walkman during long overnight passages as I sat in the cockpit of our sailboat and steered by the stars in Mexico.

We walked the halls at night together, singing quietly together to a sick baby in our house in Honduras.

And as I ran  20 milers on Saturday mornings in Maryland, preparing for a marathon, you introduced me to people and places which I treasure still.

Godspeed, John.  I miss you, and I love you.

This is another John Prine song I sang as a lullaby for baby Elizabeth because I couldn’t remember any real lullabies. Plus I was still pissed off at how the war in Viet Nam had broken my brother Bill.

Rest in Peace, Bill.

Published by Robert Lang

Social Justice lawyer and mentor, nurturing calmness, kindness, and adventure. Just trying to leave something good behind.

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