About Me

Robert Lang

My goal is to encourage people to change the world, one person, one heart at a time, while approaching life as an adventure.

I have spent 51 years serving people in crisis. I have been a firefighter driving a rescue and first aid truck; a mentor for kids in a disciplinary high school; and a lawyer for for poor people, survivors of domestic violence, and persecuted Central Americans fleeing the violence of civil war and seeking the protection of political asylum.

I saved the ones I could, and tried to comfort the ones I couldn’t.

Now I tell their stories.

A summary of my what and where:

1969 – 1977   Firefighter in charge of a first aid and rescue truck

1971 – 1977   US Army trained medic, California National Guard

1977 – 1979   Domestic Violence Lawyer, Iowa Legal Services, Sioux City, Des Moines

1980 – 1981   Bartender, concierge, chief excuse maker at a small hotel on Tortola, British Virgin Islands

1981 – 1983   Domestic Violence Lawyer, Iowa Legal Services, Ottumwa, Iowa

1983 – 1985   Lived on a sailboat in southern California and Baja California, Mexico

1985 – 1987   Taught in a high school for bad boys and bad girls, Los Angeles, California

1987 – 1989   Lived in Mexico City, researched civil war situation on the ground in El Salvador for a report to Senator Tom Harkin, (D Iowa)

1989 – 1991   Started ProBAR, representing political asylum seekers from Central America, in Harlingen Texas

1991 – 1993   Lived in Guatemala where we adopted our eldest daughter Elizabeth, Guatemala City

1993 – 1998   Taught English to professional adults, our daughter Iliana was born, Tegucigalpa, Honduras

1998 – 2019   American Bar Association, Immigration and Substance Abuse work, Washington, DC

2010 – 2019   Supervised ABA Commission on Immigration ICE Detainee Hotline, Washington, DC

2019                Moved to San Diego, California

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