I am worried about John Prine

John Prine music was always playing in the house that Jack Kegel and I shared in Des Moines as we worked as lawyers for poor people in Iowa in the 70’s and 80’s and last year I was thrilled to hear he had a new album coming out, “Tree of Forgiveness.”  I have been traveling with John in my ear on all my adventures for the past 45 years.

So this brought me to tears today.

But thinking about John made me smile when he took me back to 1990 when we adopted our oldest daughter Elizabeth and that first night at home she was fussy and  I wanted to sing her to sleep but I couldn’t remember any lullabies. 

Fortunately, John Prine came to the rescue and this was Elizabeth’s lullaby for a few months.  I apologize for any psychological damage it may have caused.

Please send loving energy to John, his family, and all of us who love him like a brother.

From Tree of Forgiveness, When I Get To Heaven

Published by Robert Lang

Social Justice lawyer and mentor, nurturing calmness, kindness, and adventure. Just trying to leave something good behind.

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